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Monday, September 16th, 2019 3:22:50 AM
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Posted by weezee About 2 days ago
Permalink FAD Contest & Dev Updates!
Hiya, Faenarians! I'm here to let you in on a little secret...

Come join in and have some fun! We have great prizes for the winner!

If you have any comments or concerns about the contest, please, post them in this thread and not in the contest thread linked above.

Also, be sure to check out the Dev Updates, here

Posted by weezee About 2 weeks ago
Permalink Summer to Fall....
Just posting a quick note, Summer Spectacle will be closing very soon, like Sunday soon! It will be moved to preview only until next summer! HOWEVER, that means that you'll get access to Autumn Attitude until November! So buy all those summer goodies before they are gone... until next year.

Posted by Lucille About 4 weeks ago
Permalink Site Updates & Changes
Howdy all! The purpose of this news post is to bring your attention to a few updates and whatnot that we've been working on!

First of all, you probably noticed that we re-organized the forums. We've added 3 new sections to the Faenaria Office. This is where we will be posting all future news posts. After the site revamp, this news page will function more like a news feed, with highlights and links to the threads. We feel this change will keep the forums a central part of the site, as well as enabling us to better interact with our member base. AnnouncementsMonthly UpdatesDevelopment Updates

The other change to the forums was that we hid the RP Forums. These have not been used in several months and with the RPG function coming, we felt they were rather redundant. If there is a demand for their return in the coming months, then we will bring them out of hiding. Until then, their absences has given the forums a more active and clean look that we hope you enjoy!

One last thing regarding the forums, is that instead of providing a single Open Staff Positions thread, we have created an entire forum dedicated to open positions and member applications. You can see more details, along with how to apply, and what positions are currently available, by visiting this link!

News Highlights
Beyond Kickstarter: Bank Feature Unlocked!
FAQ Discussion - User feedback requested!
WIP: Kessho & Kudo Lineart

Posted by Lucille About a month ago
Permalink KS Surveys Have Been Sent!
Hey gang! Since Kickstarter has indicated to us that all pledges have been successfully charged, we decided to go ahead and send out backer surveys immediately. We do not expect to receive funds until around the 30th, but that doesn't mean you guys can't start claiming those delicious rewards!

On another note... Did you miss the Kickstarter? Forgot to pledge? Or is there something you wish you'd added? Never fear! It's not too late to get in on the goodies!

Add-On Store via Backerkit

Do note: Any purchases made in Backerkit will go toward our stretch goals! Also, we have made available a few of the higher tier goodies that weren't claimed such as the "Design an NPC" and "Pick a Color".

Thanks again to all of our wonderful backers and supports! Please enjoy the goodies!

Posted by weezee About a month ago
Permalink July FA Release!
Hiya Faenarians!

Before I show you your new goodies....

Thanks to everyone we reached our goal PLUS 2 stretch goals with the Kickstarter! YAY! Thank you all!

WOW, it sure is heating up outside, so I decided to get us some nice swim wear! That way we can take a dip and cool off! Also tossed in some swirly tattoos that were asked for, as well as some shiny earrings! And can't forget that special pair of wings!

Here's a preview of your new avatar goodies!

https://i.imgur.com/rBqxpRc.png https://i.imgur.com/DJff6Qw.png https://i.imgur.com/5MCMUpf.png


Crystal Wings (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium (By Flare)

Beach Ball (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Beach Sandals (unisex) ~ Foot Fetish (By weezee)
Polka Dot Suit Bottom (female only) ~ Veronica's Secret (By weezee)
Polka Dot Suit Top (female only) ~ Veronica's Secret (By weezee)
Striped Swim Trunks (male only) ~ Veronica's Secret (By weezee)
Swim Skirt (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By weezee)
Swim Suit Flutter Top (female only) ~ Wish Boutique (By weezee)
Swim Trunks (male only) ~ Veronica's Secret (By weezee)
Swim Trunks Tie (male only) ~ This and That (By weezee)
Vintage Suit Bottom (female only) ~ Veronica's Secret (By weezee)
Vintage Suit Top (female only) ~ Veronica's Secret (By weezee)

Demon Corset Trim (female only) ~ This and That (By Sapphie)

Left Arm Swirl Tattoo (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)
Left Leg Swirl Tattoo (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)
Right Arm Swirl Tattoo (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)
Right Leg Swirl Tattoo (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)
Stomach Swirl Tattoo (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)

Multi Hoop Earrings (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box (By Jazzy)
Multi Hoop Earrings Upper (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box (By Jazzy)
Small Hoop Earring (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box (By Jazzy)
Small Hoop Earring Tip (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box (By Jazzy)
Small Hoop Earring Upper (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box (By Jazzy)
Stud Earring (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box (By Sapphie)

We hope you all enjoy!
~Much Love & Fantabuliciousness