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Saturday, January 18th, 2020 4:35:09 PM
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Posted by weezee About 2 weeks ago

Posted by Royal About 3 weeks ago
Permalink With the winter air chill and snow on the ground...
It can only mean that the Holiday Bash is here!
Check out the 3rd Annual Faenaria Holiday Bash!
I hope everyone has a very happy Holiday Season!!

Posted by weezee About 4 weeks ago
Permalink Staff Positions!
Happy Saturday Faenarians!

I can't believe we're soooo close to Christmas already! I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate!

Anywho!!! I'm here to remind everyone of the staff positions open!

I just opened a position (or 2 or 3!) of "General Artist", which means, any and all kinds of artists. If you can color pets or help with FA items, APPLY! If you're unsure if you're good enough DO NOT hesitate to PM me! I'm more than happy to explain more of what would be needed so you know if you are able to help in anyway. Right now, I'm the only full time artist. Obsidian is our sketch artist but I don't ask much of her most of the time. Cataluna is my slave in coloring everything FA related, and getting it uploaded. I've recruited a few other coloring slaves within staff to help her out at times. Lucy helps with art when she can, but she's got a lot on her plate most of the time so I try to do it without bugging her for art. :3 SO I NEED HELP.... PLEASE!!!

There are still the Pet Artists positions open, which deals with Pet Coloring/Marking drawing only, if that is definitely more to your liking. AND there is still a Mod position open, if that is more your speed! AND Developer positions, that is more writing related, (I don't know anything about these positions, that's ALLL Lucy!) So really, if you would like to be staff, I'm sure we can find you some thing to do! If you think you'd like to apply to any of these positions, please, read this before you apply.

Remember, do not hesitate to contact me in PM or on Discord if you'd like to ask me anything. ^^

Posted by weezee About a month ago
Permalink December Holiday FA Release!

Posted by weezee About a month ago
Permalink Fall to Winter...
Autumn Attitude will be closing on Monday when I get off work (roughly 5PM)! I want to give you a bit of time just in case there is something you want because it won't be open again til next year!

I will also be opening Winter Wonderland tomorrow!