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Monday, December 10th, 2018 7:36:42 AM

Posted by Lucille About 4 weeks ago
Permalink ER Fundraiser for Lyro!!
Here's the scoop. Lyro is in need of some emergency funds due to some unforeseen circumstances in his personal life and in exchange for us giving him a helping hand, he has offered to program our RPG system at a very discounted rate. I would want to help Lyro regardless of any discounts as he has been a great help to Faenaria through the years and has bailed me out of tight deadlines many times over. Everything we raise will go directly toward helping Lyro and give us credit to be used for our RPG system.

Here are the awesome rewards that will be available!

$5 - CYO Lost Soul Wings Small & 5 DS
$10 - CYO Lost Soul Wings & 12 DS
$10 - CYO Starter Pet of Choice & 12 DS
$25 - Get all CYO items & 30 DS

You can donate any amount as long as it is in an increment of $5 or more. By default a $25 contribution will get you all of the CYO incentives, however, you can break this up however you like. For Example: you could decide to get two CYO Starter Pets instead of one pet and the large wings.

For every $5 you contribute you will gain a raffle ticket toward a CYO avatar set design. There will be multiple winners for the raffle, depending on how many folks contribute. Winners will get to pick a set and either make their own design or have the staff color a design for them. Every set on the site is eligible, including limited/retired sets such as Spring Loli, Faerie, Vineyard, etc. With the sole exception of the Witchy Set as it will remain a Kickstarter only reward.

Our Goal is $200, however, if we exceed this amount those funds will go toward Faenaria's hosting costs.


To contribute, please use this link: https://www.paypal.me/faenaria
Include your Faenaria username so we know who to send the rewards to!
A PM on the site would be helpful as well!

Fundraiser Progress Tracker
$200 of $200

Posted by weezee About 4 weeks ago
Permalink November Avatar Item Release!
Here are some new avatar goodies for you all!

https://i.imgur.com/6qjjwWh.png https://i.imgur.com/BDLW8s0.png https://i.imgur.com/Te7jqkA.png
Thanks, Aleah, for the help with the female designs above!

Spoiler: New Items:

Ascended Skins (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By Sapphie)
Chromatic Skin (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By Sapphie)
Kinky Cupid Barrette Ribbon (unisex) ~ This and That (By Sapphie)
Lost Soul Wings (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)
Lost Soul Wings Small (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)
Mei Fade (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By weezee)
Simple Stocking Left (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Sapphie)
Simple Stocking Left Stripes (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Sapphie & weezee)
Simple Stocking Right (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Sapphie)
Simple Stocking Right Stripes (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Sapphie & weezee)
Simple Stockings (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Sapphie)
Simple Stockings Stripes (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Sapphie & weezee)

These goodies aren't quite new. Most of these have just been split up for more customization! YAY!
Spoiler: Updated Items:

Kinky Cupid Barrette Heart (unisex) ~ This and That
Kinky Cupid Barrette Wings (unisex) ~ This and That
Kinky Cupid Bow (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight
Kinky Cupid Bowstring (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight
Kinky Cupid Cat of Nine Tails (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight
Kinky Cupid Cat of Nine Tails Metal (unisex) ~ This and That
Patty Corset (female) ~ Wish Boutique
Patty Jacket (female) ~ Wish Boutique
Patty Jacket Back (female) ~ Wish Boutique
Patty Jacket Buttons (female) ~ This and That
Patty Jacket Lining (female) ~ This and That
Patty Shirt (female) ~ Wish Boutique
Patty Skirt (female) ~ Wish Boutique
Patty Skirt Ruffles Bottom (female) ~ This and That
Patty Skirt Ruffles Top (female) ~ This and That
Patty Top Hat (unisex) ~ This and That
Patty Top Hat Band (unisex) ~ This and That
Satine Sleeves (female) ~ Wish Boutique
Patrick (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon
Patrick Bowtie (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box
Patrick Bowtie Collar (unisex) ~ Jewelry Box
Patrick Buttons (male) ~ This and That
Patrick Hat (unisex) ~ This and That
Patrick Hat Band (unisex) ~ This and That
Patrick Hat Buckle (unisex) ~ This and That
Patrick Pants (male) ~ Wish Boutique
Patrick Shirt Lining (male) ~ This and That
Patrick Suspender Clips (male) ~ This and That
Patrick Suspenders (male) ~ This and That

New Special Monthly Items:
Now these, these are new! But there is something different with these items. They are our new Special Monthly Release! They will be available in the Dream Emporium FOR ONE MONTH ONLY! Normally they would be here until December, but we're a bit late (sorry about that!), so these will be available until December 12th! So be sure to get them before then!

Harvest BG (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium
Scythe of Souls Blade (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium
Scythe of Souls Haft (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium
Scythe of Souls Haft Solid (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium
Scythe of Souls Orb Haft (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium
Scythe of Souls Orb Wire (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium
Scythe of Souls Wire (unisex) ~ Dream Emporium

We hope you all enjoy!
~Much Fantabuliciousness

Posted by Lucille About a month ago
Permalink Updates 11•5•18
You may have already noticed that we've made some improvements to the avatar system! Lyro, Cataluna, and weezee have all been working hard to sort out bugs and make our little site a better place. Please give them tons of thanks and cookies for their stellar efforts!

Here is what we have been up to!

► We have sorted out the issues with the drag and drop, including fixing it to work on mobile. Users should be able to use this feature without experiencing any issues, but if you do please report it in the Bug Report forum.
► You can now preview colors before equipping items! Simple hover over the color without clicking and it should display a preview directly on the avatar! How nifty is that?! This is Lyro's stroke of genius and I personally am thrilled with the outcome!
► Equipped items now show the current equipped color instead of the teardrop symbol. In addition we replaced a few other icons with text instead, hopefully this will make navigation easier.
► The order of equipped items has been introverted so that the list matches the layering order of the image (bottom items on the bottom of the list and top items on the top). Items should also be equipping to the top of the list instead of the bottom.

I hope you all enjoy these changes! We have a lot of other updates coming, so please stay tuned!

Posted by Lucille About a month ago
Permalink Cosmetic Updates!
Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I didn't get this posted last night, but I slightly fell asleep instead.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Cataluna and weezee, we have adjusted how the Inbox and Notifications display! Instead of taking up valuable button space, they have been moved down beside, "Hello, NAME"! Here's an image to give you an idea of what to look for!

(icons courtesy of weezee)

If you have any questions or notice something not working correctly, then please let us know by posting in the Bug Reports forum! Have a great weekend all!

Posted by Lucille About a month ago
Permalink Improving Our Community
It has been so wonderful to see our community blossoming again after all the hurdles we've been through the last few years. There's no doubt in my mind that this site has the potential to be something truly special, not just because of the art or features, but because of all the wonderful people who gather here. While our obvious priorities right now are to release new items, fix up the site programming, and add new features, we have another priority - and that is to grow and improve our community. This is not something the staff can do alone, it's a long project that takes everyone pitching in to accomplish. However, I know it can be difficult trying to figure out 'well how does this include me?' so the purpose of this news post is to spotlight some ways that users can get more involved.


The purpose of our charities is to help new members and veteran members alike. Usually by providing free items or discount services, however there really aren't any limits on what form your gifting can take. For instance: I have seen avatar site charities that offered an avatar designed by the staff and one free item from that design to go along with it. I've also seen charities that help newbies get their first outfits. And currently we have a wonderful charity run by Aleah that is all about getting free hair! So there are many, many different possibilities to help one another out! If you have an idea for a charity, but lack funds to get it up and running, the staff and I are discussing a sort of "grant" opportunity to provide start up WS to new charities. I will be posting more about this in the charity forum once we get it all hashed out.


Not to be confused with "kegger", C.A.G.E.R. stands for "Contests, Auctions, Giveaways, Events, and Raffles". Most of our events so far have been officially run by our Party King, Royal, but members can host events, too! This can be a good way to support a favorite charity, by donating a percentage (or all, if you're feeling really generous) of any entry fees or raffle ticket purchases. Or you can do it just for fun. To celebrate your birthday or another big occasion in your life. We may release some options to allow for site supported events that remain member run - such as allowing for FA items or pet designs to be created as prizes for a moderate fee. This is something the staff and I are also still discussing!


No, don't worry, we're not sicking trained assassins on anyone or anything. Ninjas refers to ninja gifting or gifting anonymously. These special individuals pass out gifts, run events, and sometimes even run charities. Basically, if you want to do good, but stay out of the spotlight, then a ninja account would be your alter ego! This is something we have been considering, however, there are things we would need to work out as this requires users to open a second account. We would want to privately keep a record of which ninja belongs to which user just to prevent any possible issues that might arise. Aleah has agreed to be part of this process, so she and I will continue to figure everything out. In the meantime, if you are interested in donning a ninja mask then please shoot myself or Aleah a PM to express your interest!

I believe that's everything I have for now. Thank you all so much for being part of this journey with us and for being so patient through what seems an endless transition! I know we're getting to a more stable place, bit by bit, and I'm excited to see us truly succeed with this project. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or idea, don't hesitate to contact me!