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Monday, December 10th, 2018 7:20:59 AM

Posted by Lucille About 2 years ago
Permalink Report Feature Bugged
Hey guys, just want to give you all a heads up that our report/support feature is bugged right now. If you're sending in tickets we can't view them and we're not even sure who the sender is. If you have an issue, please post in the Help forum or PM a member of staff! That's the best way to get in touch with us!

Thanks and my apologies for the broken things!

Posted by Lucille About 2 years ago
Permalink Melinasi Revealed! Special Vineyard Set!
It's finally here! The long promised update! Oh don't faint, you had to know I'd get to it eventually! Shall we get started?!


The eldest of the Guardians, Melinasi keeps watch over the Tree of Origins (named Sha'miara) and the magical grove where it stands. She's kind and compassionate with a sly wit and gentle wisdom. She'll be the first person you encounter when you begin playing through the story. With her guidance you'll explore the grove, learning more about Sha'miara, helping the various wildlife and other such tasks before being lead to the next part of the game, which takes place in the mountainous realm protected by the mighty Balvun... Who will be revealed very soon!

But, I have a little more for you guys before I wrap up this post! Since we're starting out fresh and new, the staff and I decided to run a little Spring Cleaning Sale, making available most of the limited and seasonal items! This is a very rare opportunity and it's only going to last until June 12th @ 11:59pm Origins time. During that time all special sets will be available in the Jade Emporium (minus exclusive prizes), so go crazy and get 'em while you can!


That's not all though! A while back we ran a poll asking everyone what FA sets they wanted to see done in the new Limited palette and while the Vineyard set didn't win, it still came out with a whopping 9 votes (tying with the Punk and Demon set)! We had no idea how popular the design was, but now that we do, we've made some brand new colorations, giving you the Seasonal Set and the Limited Set, which are going to be available in the Jade Emporium for the duration of our Spring Cleaning Sale! We've also released the set in our standard palette, the pieces of which can be found throughout the shops!


Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to check back for more updates, which will hopefully be pouring in over the next few weeks! We have so many things to share with you guys, including pet reveals, the rest of the Guardians, Kickstarter incentive tiers and even a posting event! As always, much love to our loyal members and fans!