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Monday, December 10th, 2018 7:08:17 AM

Posted by Nimue About a month ago
Permalink The Invisibug Vaccine!
So quite a few of you have been feeling a little unnoticed and unseen.

Don't fret! We see you! Yes you! All of you! *cough*

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff wracking their brains to figure out this odd infection, we have managed to find a vaccine! (Thanks Cataluna!!! You rock our socks right off!!!)

For those of you being redirected to the Index Page when trying to access your avatars, there is a simple run-around that seems to fix it.

When logging in, make sure you have the "Remember me" box clicked to set the cookie for your account.
Spoiler: here's a pic for clarification!

Once that elusive little box is clicked, you should be free to prance around in all of your pretties like everyone else!

If this still doesn't work for you, please let one of our staff know via this thread.

This is so far a temporary solution while we work on exterminating this pesky bug. Thanks everyone for your patience and give a HUGE shout out to Cataluna for being brilliant!!!

Posted by Lucille About a month ago
Permalink New Avatar System - Bugs & Upgrades
Oh boy, first I have to apologize at all the issues we've been having with the new system. Please rest assured that we are working on these things and will do our best to get them fixed up. We have a good base code and system, it just needs a few solid kicks and probably some stabbing to get it into shape!! okay maybe not stabbing Until then....

Here is a list of known bugs and how you can work around them:

Wonky layering, deleted items returning, saved avatar appearing to reset to previous version?
• In the list of buttons is an arrow/circle button leftmost to Save Avatar. This is a refresh button. If you equip an item and it isn't showing. Refresh. If you save and it doesn't look like the version you saved. Refresh. Basically, if there's any layering issue... Refresh. This, frustratingly, was a cheap work around to whatever is making the avatar go haywire. Until I can have Lyro fix the underlying issue our lives are going to be full of refreshing.


Avatar button is sending you to the index page?
• This one I'm not so sure about, I'm still working with those who have mentioned it to see what we can do to fix it.
For now, if you are having this issue, please go to this thread to chime in.

Not being able to see colors before equipping or see which color you have equipped?
• An unfortunate oversight. We will try to get something in place for the latter ASAP, however color preview might take more doing so that might not be an immediate fix.
However, we do have this nifty little color guide that will hopefully help you out until then!

Avatars not showing for private messages?
• I've brought this issue up to Lyro and he is going to be looking into it once he has a free spot in his work rotation.

Drag and drop not working on mobile?
• Sadly this is going to take a lot more work than it should and so it is on our to do list. In the meantime I apologize to anyone who is on mobile that can't use this feature. We will get it sorted as quickly as possible!

I believe that is everything that's been brought to my attention, though naturally, I feel like I'm forgetting something. If I did miss one, post in the Bug Reports forum. If you are having completely different issues, then post that as well! Thank you all for being so patient. You're the best little test subjects


Posted by Lucille About a month ago
Permalink Staff Positions Available!
Hey all, just a quick announcement that we have some staff positions open!
You can read more in THIS thread!

Faenaria needs you! Apply today!

Posted by Lucille About a month ago
Permalink So you have disappeared...
Don't worry! You're not really disappeared! Lyro is in the midst of making the new avatar system live and fixing a few bugs for us! For now you can still find all of your items and previous avatars via the following link:

Old Closet

And this will be the new link, which will take over the button at the top once Lyro is finished:

New Closet!

Your wardrobe will not change! Both closets pull from the same database, so everything you own will show up in the new one without you having to do anything!

I would advise waiting to play in the new closet until Lyro has finished working. I know, I know, I'm barely managing to resist it myself!! I'll make a new announcement when he's finished up!


I got the all clear from Lyro! Everything is all set up! You will need to visit this link, which can be found in Settings >> Avatar. It will allow you to choose which avatar to make public! *happy dance* One last note, I will be leaving the link to the old closet in this news update and swapping the link at the top of the page to the new one. Your previous avatar should still be accessible via the old link so you can switch the design over!

Please let me know if you have any comments or concerns! Thank you all!!

Posted by Royal About a month ago
Permalink Halloween is right around the corner...
Which means it's time to have some spooky fun! Ghouls and ghosts are out and about, but every werewolf, witch, and zombie is scrambling to get an invite to the hottest party in town!

👻The 2nd Annual Faenaria Halloween Ball!👻

Join us as we celebrate the season with this event for everyone!

Also, updates are happening! Right now, we are in the process of updating the Male avatar base so that having unisex items is easier for our artists!
This will take a few days, so anyone using the current base can update if they want by adding a new item to their wardrobe. However, many of the items are fitted to the old base, so if you want all your items fitting propperly, you can wait until everything is updated as well! It should only be a few days to get converted over, so stay tuned!