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Sunday, May 26th, 2019 2:54:40 PM
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News > Fundraiser Met & Extended!
Posted by Lucille About 6 months ago
Fundraiser Met & Extended!
We've reached our goal! The funds have been sent to Lyro so he should be good on his end. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!

Fundraiser Progress Tracker
Lyro Goal: $200 of $200
Stretch Goal: $55 of $70

I am going to go ahead and extend the fundraiser as several folks have expressed that they need a few more days to get funds together. At this point I've implemented a small stretch goal, the purpose of which is to purchase 6 months worth of hosting for the site!

This fundraiser has been extended until Nov 18th at 10pm Faenaria Time.

About 6 months ago